lpd problems and Kernel 2.0.30, Redhat 4.1 / printing

lpd problems and Kernel 2.0.30, Redhat 4.1 / printing

Post by Sam Hostette » Thu, 29 May 1997 04:00:00

> I too have experienced the same problem with lpd since upgrading to kernel
> 2.0.30.  I have been using Redhat 4.0 with a kernel 2.0.28 that I compiled
> myself, and that has worked fine for a long time.

> Then I patched the kernel source to upgrade to 2.0.30, WITHOUT CHANGING
> ANYTHING ELSE, and got junk in /var/log/messages, just like the ones that
> Volker posted (included below).  Therefore it seems to me that this is
> indeed a kernel problem.  Does anyone NOT using Redhat have this problem
> with lpd?

What I did on my slackware 3.2 system is change the sd line in printcap
from /var/spool/lp1 to /var/spool/lpd.  It seems the group designation
is what LPRng is * on.

Sam Hostetter          

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