Help! XF86Config with CL-GD7548 chipset (Compaq laptop)

Help! XF86Config with CL-GD7548 chipset (Compaq laptop)

Post by K.M. Maniruzzam » Thu, 03 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I have just finished installing Linux Slackware distribution on
my Compaq laptop (Pentium 133). However, I am having problems
with configuring XFree86 windows system.

My computer has a Cirrus Logic CL-GD7548 SVGA chip. The document
README.cirrus suggests that current version (or the version that I
have, released in October 1996) reportedly did not work with
CL-GD75xx chipsets, but there were reports CL-GD7548, the chip in
my computer, works OK.

My LCD monitor is 800x600. I've tried, with the XF86_SVGA server,
640x480 mode with 31.5/33.7 kHz horizontal sync, 60 Hz Vertical Refresh,
clockspeeds reported by X -probeonly, clockchip "cirrus", toggled options
like "noaccel", "no_bitblt" etc., but nothing works.

When I run startx, the screen turns blue with streaks of broken, jittery,
slightly slanted black lines, and 2-3 thick, slowly jumping black bands.

Does anyone have an idea what I should try next?

Is there anyone out there with the same chip and running
XF86? Can you help me out with the configuration?

Also, if I can't get my SVGA chip to work with XF86, what options
do I have apart from buying a new computer? Can I replace the video

Any help, pointers would be appreciated.


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I'm posting this so that hopefully someone finds it useful.  I have an
old Sharp 9070 notebook with the Cirrus Logic CL-GD7548 video chipset.
 I've found lots of information about problems with the video chipset,
but few people talking about solutions on how to get it to work.

xf86config failed to produce a working xf86config file.  I had been
running Redhat 6.2 earlier with a working xfree (3.x) and noticed that
I had configured it to use the "clgd5436" and I tried to do the same
and that failed.

Finally, I configured it as a clgd5436 but set the driver to "vesa"
instead of "vga".

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