umsdos boot up, hang at mounting /proc ?

umsdos boot up, hang at mounting /proc ?

Post by Jiangeng S » Mon, 27 May 1996 04:00:00

I am still having trouble installing linux 1.2.13 on
a ps/valuepoint 433dx. However I did it on a pentium.
The only difference betweent the two in the boot up
is that the ps/vp stop  at VFS: mounted root (umsdos system),
while the pentium continue on to mount /proc . What could
be wrong that the ps/vp won't mount /proc? The fstab
on the ps/vp is like
/dev/hda1        /        umsdos        defaults   1   1
none             /proc    proc          defaults   1   1

should there be some tabs or some other un-print characters?
I can see only spaces in the file.

thanks in advance


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Well, I used the setup program off the rootdisk and prepared the DOS
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pretty simple, but I guess I really need to learn more about repairing
the umsdos system.


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