Pls help me plan my new system

Pls help me plan my new system

Post by G. O. Grang » Thu, 29 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I'm planning to replace my 6 year old system with the following:

   Gigabyte GA-586DX-512  (uses uni or dual pentiums; ATX FF; onboard
                           Adaptec 2940 Ulltra-Wide Controller)
   Intel Pentium 133  (1)
   4x32x60 16MB SIMM - EDO (2) (32MB total)
   ATX Mini-Mid Case (4-3.5" 2 exposed, 3-5.25" exposed)  
   WD 2.5 GB EIDE HD
   NEC/Sony/Epson 3.5" 1.44MB Floppy Drive  
   Teac  5.25" 1.2MB Floppy Drive      
   Teac CDS-56S 6.7X SCSI CD-ROM  
   Creative Labs SoundBlaster 32 w/ IDE cont
   MS Natural Ergo 104-Key Windows `95 KB  
   Logitech mouse (mouseman?) PS/2 style plug
   Matrox Millenium WRAM 4MB Retail                  
   X-Inside AcceleratedX                            
   Nanao T2-17TS 17" or Nanao F2-17EX or (most likely) Iiyama 8617E

This is a home machine and generally, I plan to run OS/2 and Linux ...
maybe Win95.  I plan to partition the drive so that there will be three
primary partitions under the 512 MB mark and several extended partitions

I know the Millenium isn't currently supported under XFree, but I understand
that AcceleratedX does quite well.  (I'll be running the Redhat version of
Linux so I may try Metro too, but I've heard many many good things about
the X-Inside product).

I also understand that the SB32 isn't fully supported because Creative
isn't all that cooperative about releasing info, but it will work as an
SB16.  Is anyone using this card under Linux in this (or any other) way?

Advice and comments welcome, I'd especially like to hear from people with
similar setups or anyone using the above MB.

Greg Granger


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