HP DeskJet 540--Help with output

HP DeskJet 540--Help with output

Post by Bob Schrep » Wed, 22 May 1996 04:00:00

I've set up printing with a DeskJet 540 (b&w).  The Red Hat
printing tool has produced a usable printcap and input filter.
However, I have a couple of problems:

1. Output is always flush with the top of the page and always
   chopped off by the bottom margin.  The input filter does
   specify letter-sized paper (8.5x11).  How does one manipulate
   margins for plain ascii output?  I tried apsfilter--I couldn't
   get it to respond.

2. When printing dvi files with dvips, the output seems to be
   enlarged (i.e. it won't fit on the page.)  The top and left
   margins are OK, the bottom and right margins are cut off.
   I discovered this by printing the test page that comes with
   the TeTeX distribution.

I've read relevant man pages, FAQs, and the Printing-HOWTO; either
I'm missing some fundamental point about page formatting, or they
don't address my problems.

Would some kind DeskJet user give me some advice about formatting


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Henry M. Pierce


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