Do I _need_ isapnp.conf ?

Do I _need_ isapnp.conf ?

Post by Peter Martin Smi » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

        Hey there

        This may seem like a silly question, but do I need isapnp
running every time I boot? Here is the situation. I have 3 PnP ISA
cards, a modem, SB AWE32 and RTL8019 ethernet card. I installed RH6
first off, and manually configed my 'net card, started linux and
everything worked fine. Telent, ftp, netscape, all going good, then,
however, I discovered that there was no sound. Well, off to sndconfig
I went, and from there, my first exposure to isapnp. Sndconfig ran,
but produced errors when it hit my 'net card, and bombed out. However,
to my delight, sound now works. Okay , the 'net card and sound card are
working, but upon boot, isapnp produces * looking red [FAILED] messages,
but the boot goes on anyways. After this the sound and 'net card still
work, so, is isapnp a "handy little extra" or one of those vital things
best left untouched? Thanks for your help guys ....



1. deleted isapnp.conf and conf.modules

I'm running RH6.1.

I finally got all my peripherals working ... except my sound card.  So I
ran sndconfig, which edits my isapnp.conf and conf.modules, but copies
the originals to *.bak.  Well, sndconfig crashed while I was running it
and I had to run it again.  Stupid as I am, I forgot that the new *.bak
files would overwrite the true original isapnp.conf and conf.modules

After I finish sndconfig, I find my sound works but modem doesn't work.
The debug file says that it can't find /dev/ttyS1 .  I ran:

and find that there are some improper configurations.  Unfortunately, I
lost the original isapnp.conf and conf.modules so I can't get back to a
set of working files.  I ran:

isapnp --config > /etc/isapnp.conf
isapnp /etc/isapnp.conf

I get a configuration that seems to operate properly.  Unfortunately, my
modem still doesn't work.  I already tried rebooting too.  Here are my

1)  Does sndconfig change the isapnp.gone file so that the --config flag
won't work?

2)  Are there any other files that could have gotten edited?

3)  There must be something wrong with my conf.modules but I don't
remember there being any alias commmands for the modem before.  Could
you send a sample line if so?  Is there any other way to configure the
conf.modules file?

4)  The original isapnp.conf and conf.modules were created during the RH
6.1 installation process.  Is there any way to run the same
configuration programs?

thanks a bunch, I'm dieing

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