What Linux needs to gain popularity

What Linux needs to gain popularity

Post by Byron A Je » Wed, 16 Aug 1995 04:00:00

>>This is a little off topic, but at least I'm in a thread with the right people to
>>answer. I bought the Que Book USING LINUX.
>>I'm interest in playing around with Linux, so at the very least I learn
>>a little how the UNIX OS's works.

[ Has a problem with the lack of a P9000 driver on the CD. ]


>Someone here might be able to help you, but most of the support is done
>in comp.os.linux.misc so if you don't get an answer here I'd suggest
>asking again in that newgroup.  The traffic there is a bit heavy.  Lots
>of new people using Linux.

Actually col.setup if better for this type of thing. I'm forwarding this
article there.

The CD isn't a waste. You can always pull the correct P9000 driver from the
network. Check out sunsite.unc.edu:/pub/Linux/X11/XFree86-3.1.[12] for the
correct driver.

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1. Why does Linux need to gain popularity?

: People who use Linux seem to be happy with it.  Why is "popularity"
: considered desirable?  I suppose there's the issue of application
: pull (more popular => more native Linux apps), but on the other hand

     Applications is all.. but really those who use it can get by with
several of the things already there. Plus its popular enough now that major
companies are starting to port software to put out versions for linux. As for
a larger userbase. I see enough dumb questions from ppl using other
operating systems and even linux users just because they forget rule #1 RTFM


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