Redhat 5.0 wtmp and utmp problems...

Redhat 5.0 wtmp and utmp problems...

Post by Tobin Ree » Thu, 04 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone experienced any problems with the wtmp and utmp files in redhat
5.0.  I know of three different machines, all using the redhat 5.0
distribution, that have problems accessing utmp and wtmp.  All of them
worked fine until approx June 1st.  Then each of them started giving wierd
errors.  Using finger, it says that no one is logged in, even though I am
logged in three different times.  last indicates that no one has ever
logged in and w returns an empty table.  The utmp and wtmp are still there
and continue to increase in size whenever someone logs in.  If anyone has
seen this of knows how to solve the problem, I would really appreciate any
help.  Thank
Toby Reed

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