xcdroast error at startup

xcdroast error at startup

Post by mike.bosscha.. » Sat, 24 Jul 1999 04:00:00

after startup of xcdroast I am getting the following error:
xcdroast: error in loading shared libraries
/usr/x11r6/lib/libtk8.0.so: undefined symbol Tcl-GetMaster

The Tcl/Tk/Tix libraries and xcdroast were installed with suse's YAST.
I tried to compile the libraries manually, but this has not been
succesful so far (getting all kind of errors). So I did reinstall all
the libraries from the suse distribution disks.

My system:
Pentium 166Mhz, 96MBRam, Philips CDrw3610
Distribution Suse6.0
Kernel 2.2.3
Xcdroast 96e

Who can help solve the proble"?
Mike Bosschaert

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