Does anyone use IBM as ISP with RH 5.1?

Does anyone use IBM as ISP with RH 5.1?

Post by Zane Krei » Sun, 26 Jul 1998 04:00:00

If anyone can help I would like to know how to hook up with IBM.  I
filled out the network config, and also did the files that IBM suggested
from their web page for PPP script but could not get the connection to
stay connected.  The modem is recognized and dials out when in net
config I hit activate but then drops connection.

I have looked through the howtos, net, etc. but can't seem to get it to
work like OS/2 or Win95. When I get this working do I always have to go
into net config and activate the ppp0 to hookup to my ISP or can I use a
program that is already on red hat or one I can download?
Thanks for any help.


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I need to do Network Address Translation with RedHat 5.1 kernel 2.0.35.
I have found a NAT package with patches for 2.0.29 and 2.0.33, but not
2.0.35. I have a Linux box with 2 NICs to use as a router. I need to
provide access to an internal computer from outside our net, (private
WAN) but I can't change the address of the internal computer.


(our computer)                            (client subnet) ---- Linux/Router ---- 32.x.x.x

The external net has assigned us a number for the internal computer.
Traffic will originate from the client subnet. (Otherwise I could just
use IP masq).

Any suggestions? (I know I could use a ci$co router for this, but what's
the fun in that?)


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