Samba Server Problem

Samba Server Problem

Post by News » Wed, 20 Mar 2002 14:59:32

Hi all, I just install RedHat 7.2 with samba as a file server, can samba
prompt Windows user to change samba password when user map Network Drive??
also I am trying to build two groups, manager and staff, how can I set
manager group is one of the staff group member, which make the manager group
users can read staff folder which i set the folder owner is staff and
permission is rwxrwx---
Thank you for your attention



1. Samba Server problem

Hi all :

    I had install RH6.0 on my NB, using PCMCIA NIC ( 3COM-589C ) as DHCP
Everytime I boot my system I have to modify /etc/smb.conf manually for IP
Samba won't bind correct interface by itself. How can my Samba server bind
correct IP
automatically? Thanks!

Albert L.J. Chang


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