cron job removes TeX fonts in Redhat 5.0 (MakeTeXPK harassment)

cron job removes TeX fonts in Redhat 5.0 (MakeTeXPK harassment)

Post by Yotam Medin » Sun, 01 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Finally I realized why dvips and xdvi frequently call MakeTeXPK to
generate the same font. In Redhat (may be other Linux distributions
too) there's the following cron job:

   pentini:103> cat /etc/cron.daily/tetex.cron
   # Remove and TeX fonts not used in 10 days
   /usr/sbin/tmpwatch 240 /var/lib/texmf/fonts /var/lib/texmf/texfonts
   exit 0

For small sites such as non-networked personal computers,
a 10 day life is too short...




1. I've lost my root cron job on Sco Openserver 5.0 - can you help?

Can anyone email me a copy of the default cron job that runs as root on
Openserver 5.0. Not only is it no longer running, but the original file has
gone AWOL.

I would very much appreciate a copy, as our root  filesystem is getting in
a mess, and I may have to reinstall (which I don't know how to do anyway as
I didn't install it in the first place).


ICQ UIN 4377609

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