Running e2fsck from the root/boot diskettes

Running e2fsck from the root/boot diskettes

Post by George Hei » Fri, 08 Mar 1996 04:00:00

(deleted my original post and the two responses)

Ok, so the bottom line is, how does one create or obtain a boot floppy
from which ir is possible to run e2fsck?  This would be in situations
where the root partition gets trashed and is unavailable.



1. How do you mount the hd after booting from the boot/root diskettes

Wdabbott telecommunicated:
| The intent of this exercise is to access the harddrive on an SCO3.2 system
| with SCSI Drives after booting from a set of emergency diskettes created
| on an SCO 5.02 system with IDE drives.
| I've created a set of emergency
| disks on an OpenServer 5.0 system with an IDE disk.
| The SCO 3.2 system that I'm trying to access has an
| EISA Adaptec 2740 SCSI controller
| (iobase=0x340 irq=11 id=0)
| I'm having difficulting mounting the harddrive.
| When I get the boot: prompt I've tried each of
| the entries below)

You're not very clear here.

SCO has put out a scad of Operating Systems which fall under the 3.2 Release
cognomen.  One of them is OSR 5 (aka 3.2v5.0.0, or 3.2v5.0.2, or 3.2v5.0.4).

If you created your emergency diskettes on an OSR 5 system with an IDE disk,
what in the world does that have to do with a SCSI adapter?

Are you trying to use those IDE diskettes to boot a different machine which
has a SCSI adapter, not IDE?


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