sound config for SB AWE64

sound config for SB AWE64

Post by Christopher Qual » Thu, 02 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Setup:  AMD K6-233, 430tx chipset, SB AWE64 sound card,

Problem:  I was able to get the sound card to work, for
          the most part. However, there is an annoying
          low level hum coming out of the sound card
          during almost any system activity (e.g. disk
          writing, mouse movement, etc..). The dma and
          irq settings seem to be fine.

Any help is most appreciated.

Christopher Quale


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I am a newbie to linux, I don't know how to config my PNP SB AWE64 sound
Could anyone teach me how to do?? Please reply me by direct e-mail.


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