Help: problems with 'w', 'who' and 'last'

Help: problems with 'w', 'who' and 'last'

Post by Ted Sariysk » Thu, 31 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Recently I upgraded our machines from RedHat5.1 to
RedHat5.2. Everything is OK, but now three machines behave
strange with w, who and last. last returns trash:

still logged in
p1       21.pv.reshsg                  Wed Dec 31 16:00 -
16:00  (00:00)
dialin33 p1                            Wed Dec 31 16:00 -
16:00  (00:00)

w and who give only the top line and empty body:

 10:03am  up 7 days, 19:52,  0 users,  load average: 0.00,
0.00, 0.00


I copied these executables from machines where they behave
well along with /var/log/wtmp file and for a while this
fixed the problem, but after a couple of minutes the problem
appeared again. It seems that there is a reference data set
that is updated periodically ... I really have no idea what
is going on.

Is there an easier way to fix this problem than reinstalling
the OS?

Thanks. Ted


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