Mouse troubles... arrgh!

Mouse troubles... arrgh!

Post by Gary the Weatherma » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

  Ok, I think I've tried every mouse in SuSe 6.1 Linux setup and I
cannot get my mouse working right.  (The same problem happened when I
tried installing Redhat Mandrake a few weeks ago).  I have a Mouse
Systems P/S2 mouse and using this setup in Suse, the mouse works but
only when moving UP and RIGHT.  It resets to bottom left corner if I
move it down and/or left.  Makes it a bit tough to use (but not
impossible).  If I try any other setup, it freezes, so I'm pretty sure
I've got the right Mouse selected.
  Any ideas?  I've noticed a few other people in the past few months
have had similar problems with Mouse Systems P/s2 mice.


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