Debian Install CD-Rom Problem

Debian Install CD-Rom Problem

Post by Greg Bel » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

New to Linux.  Trying to install Debian Linux.  Machine is a P200
class.  Has Buslogic SCSI adapter with Seagate st34371n and a Plextor
PX-12cs CD-ROM attached.  Got so far as page 16 of the instructions
"Installing the Operating System Kernel and Modules" and ran into a
wall.  The system cannot find the cd-rom drive.  It definately is a scsi

cd-rom and is on address 5.  I tried all device combinations, although I

knew it was not IDE.  It will not find the device, therefore I am stuck.

Any advice?  Remember I am a novice at Linux, although I am a sys admin
for NT / windows systems.



1. Installing Debian 2.0; problems finding CD-ROM.


I was trying to install Debian 2.0.

The installation was going fine until I got to the
software package installation.

I successfully chose my packages. The installation
program then prompted me for specific block device
for my CD-ROM.

As I don't have my "Practical System Administration Guide"
I can't remember the proper Block device prefix for a

What am I supposed to enter at the command prompt?

I am currently running a Toshiba Satellite Pro 405cs
laptop with an internal CD-ROM. The installation program
found my CD-ROM fine earlier in the installation when it
prompted where it was on the IDE chain.

I think it was the second device as I can't remember the
full installation dexcription. But it was found succesfully
so I know Debian can use my CD-ROM.

Thank you for any help you can give me with regards to this

Robbi Sagris

P.S. Remove the BLAH's if you want to e-mail me the answer

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