Linux with Win/NT (Bootmanager)

Linux with Win/NT (Bootmanager)

Post by Michael Vorburge » Tue, 30 Jan 1996 04:00:00


I am going to install LINUX very soon. (Good idea, isn't it?)

My machine has NT, DOS and Win95, configured with the
NT boot manager. Will LINUX cooperate with the NT bm; or
do I have to use that LILO thingie in the future?


PS: Please reply by mail, too; not (only) posting.


1. Bootmanager and Win-NT


Short story: Yesterday I installed WinNT on a second drive of my FreeBSD
2.1.5 box (well, actually the first drive: NT is on sd0, FreeBSD on
sd1). SCSI drives (as you see from the device names) on a NCR 810. IDE
is completely disbled via BIOS setup.

From postings in this group I expected that I had to reinstall the
FreeBSD boot manager ("Win NT overwrites it with its own ...").

Well: No such thing. When the installation was finished, booteasy was
still there. When I now start the computer I get the booteasy prompt and
if I choose NT, I get the NT bootmanager prompt.

Now, am I a genius? Is my computer just acting weird? Is my booteay just
much more stubborn than other peoples' booteasy or what? :-)




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