Strange problem with boot floppy

Strange problem with boot floppy

Post by Bill Davidso » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00


I finally got a set of emergency boot/root floppies set up for my 2.0.15
system.  When I use them to boot the kernel image loads OK and prompts
me for the root disk, but when I insert the root disk and hit Enter I
get about one hundred messages saying:
        floppy0:WARNING disk change called early

After that evrything goes fine (more or less).  Can anyone tell me what
is going on?  It is kind of disconcerting to get that many warnings from
a set of disks intended to help out in an emergency!

Also, I thought that the v2 kernel ramdisks were supposed to "grow as
neccessary", but when I run certain programs that write (eg to /tmp) I
get a "device full" message.  How do I make sure I've got some extra
spce on my ramdisk filesystem?

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1. strange floppy problem and strange outcome


A while ago I was experiencing some floppy problems.

A floppy in my removable floppy drive in my portable's drive bay was being used to back up some data in my home directory.

I had been doing this for about a month. I had checked the contents of the floppy several times before and they seemed fine.

Sometimes my floppy drive would copy the data but would report "I/O error".

When I tried to access the floppy with mdir today I got:

floppy 0: probe failed...
floppy 0: CRC error: Track 0, head 0, sector 1, size 2
hdd_request: I/O error, dev 02:00, sector 0
init: set default parameters
cannot initialize 'A:'

I did not know whether the floppy or the drive was wrong.

I rebooted into win95 and tried to acess the disk. I got the response:

The disk in drive a: is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?

I chose quick format type but windows complained and I had to do a fuull format. This took about a minute and a half.

After that I was able to use the disk under Linux once again, except for I lost all of my data.

I am still in doubt. Is it the hard drive defective or is the floppy too old?

All I know is that the floppy once worked fine but reformatting it seemed to make the FDD work again too. (In fact the FDD was not

working with another diskette either earlier on).

I find this very strange.


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