Divide error! Crashing Linux during install! Help!

Divide error! Crashing Linux during install! Help!

Post by Chris Ren » Fri, 25 Aug 1995 04:00:00

While trying to install SlackWare 2.1 or SlackWare 2.3 (Linux 1.2.8)
on my system, linux keeps crashing with the following messages:

Divide error: 0000
Process swapper
kfree of non-kmalloced memory


It happens at random points of the installation after adding swap and
running 'setup'. I never get past trying to install the first A disk. :-(

I'm using a 386DX/40 with: 387, 5 1/4, 3 1/2, QIC80 tape, sbpcd, 4Mb RAM,
Trident SVGA 1Mb, 420Mb IDE, 120Mb IDE.
Taking out the 387 does not help the problem.
Taking out the CD does not help the problem.
Except for the addition of the CD, I have been running SlackWare with
Linux 1.0.9 on this system for a year without any trouble. I was even able
to mount and look at the CD OK.

According to the kernel source, the Divide error is comming from a
TRAP 0. But where in the system is the divide error happening?!

ANY help would be appreciated!


Central Transport


1. Newbie - Please help: divide error: 0000 on install


I am new at this and have been surfing the web and checking newsgroups to
try and make sense of this but I am still at a loss.

I am trying to install Red Hat 6.0 on a machine with the following
    486DX-2 66
    40MB RAM
    Seagate Medallist ST33221A 3.2GB Ultra ATA IDE drive
    Tseng ET4000AX VGA adaptor

Before the installation starts, while the kernel is still being loaded, the
process crashes with the following errors just after RAMDISK: Compressed
image found at block 0 (I am not sure which of these are significant so I'll
include as much as I can):-

    divide error: 0000
    CPU:    0
    EIP:        0010:[<c0123b81>]
    EFLAGS: 00000246
    eax:000003c7    ebx:000003c6    ecx:00000100    edx:c2624f40
    esi:c26171c0     edi:00000000    ebp:00000001    esp:c2511eec
    ds: 0018    es:0018    ss:0018
    Process: linuxrc (pid: 5, process nr: 5, stackpage=c2511000)

It then proceeds to list the stack, gives something about Call trace and
code.  Do I need to include any of this?

I have no idea where to even start looking?  Could it be a compatibility
issue between the old (1 Aug 1994) BIOS and the new HDD?



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