Voice recognition: results

Voice recognition: results

Post by trent jar » Wed, 21 Jun 1995 04:00:00

As promised, this is a summary of the information I obtained concerning
speech recognition on linux systems.  After the fact, it appears I
should have posted this in another group.  

Alan Wendt from ezlink.com:

Alan pointed out that there is a comp.speech news feed. The faq is
available from http://www.speach.su.oz.au/comp.speach.

Russ Schnapp from metaflow.com:

Russ indicated that Sunsite has /pub/Linux/apps/sound/speech/ears-0.14.tar.gz,
according to the LSM, which purports to do speech recognition.  This package
is also in the FAQ.

John Talintyre posted a related article (pointed out by Alan Wednt)
in comp.speech about HTK produced at Cambridge Universty.  This package
is also in the FAQ.  John says it is 'the most widely used package.'

Thank you Alan and Russ for the help.

Trent Jarvi


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Jeffery Cann

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