PPPsetup script

PPPsetup script

Post by GeEzUs KrY » Thu, 27 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I used the pppsetup script and it worked fine.  Then I used ppp-go and
that worked fine also it connected and everything.  But after it
connected about 2 minutes later it just hung up.  Does anyone else have
this problem or is there anyone that can help me?   Thanks for any help.


1. pppsetup

        Does anyone know if 'pppsetup' modifies any files other than resolv.conf
that may affect my ethernet/ftp services?  I used to be able to ftp from my
linux box both on the internal and external network with no problem.  I
could also ftp to the linux box from the internal network.  After using
pppsetup (which did get my ppp running) I can no longer ftp from my linux
box to any other computer on the internal network, but I can ftp to the
linux box and also to the external network.
        I think something happened to my DNS but I returned the resolv.conf to its
origional state and disabled the ppp stuff, but it's still whacked.
-thanks for any help!!
Andrew Cahill
Soft Imaging Systems

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