How to make a kernel 2.3 boot disk (or CD)?

How to make a kernel 2.3 boot disk (or CD)?

Post by TC » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have problem in bootup from 2.2 even during installation...
however, even I can boot up from 2.3 and install 2.2... I can't boot up...
any solutions?




1. problem making a boot disk from Slackware CD-ROM 2.3

Hi all,

I just received the new Slackware Linux CD (v.2.3).

Everything works great through the installing the binaries
from the CD-ROM, until I get to making a boot disk.  I put
a blank, MS-DOS formatted disk in the floppy drive when
prompted, and get a message that the device had changed
and then it starts spitting out error messages:

   cat:can't load dynamic linker '/lib/'
   rm:can't load dynamic linker '/lib/ nor

This happens whether I slect the format floppy, simple
bootdisk, or the LILO bootdisk option.

It acts like it's getting confused trying to read from the
floppy drive, but everything works fine up to that point,
including booting from the install boot and root floppies,

Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.

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