Dual Boot Scenario

Dual Boot Scenario

Post by Ian Ayer » Fri, 09 Mar 2001 11:03:00

I would like to set up a dual boot for Win2K / Linux 7.

Current Build:
IDE0, master: 10GB drive w/ Linux 7---> boot record on /root partition
My Windows HDDs are on a ATA100 PCI Card:
BUS1: 20GB w/ Win2K boot (NTFS)
BUS2: 30GB storage (NTFS)

During the Linux install, Disk Druid did not recognize the 2 HDD's connected
to the ATA100 PCI card.  It only recognized the HDD on the primary IDE BUS,
the only HDD on the bus and the one I wanted to install Linux on.  The Win2K
OS install existed before I installed Linux.

With both OS's installed, only Win2K loads.  I assume that since I set Linux
to put the boot record on the root partition and not the MBR, that upon
bootup the computer only sees the Win2K MBR on my HDD connected to the
ATA100 Card.

I have tried modifying the boot.ini file on my Win2K disk to reference a
BOOTSECT.lnx file I made in Linux by using: dd if=/dev/hda5 of=/bootsect.lnx
bs=512 count=1  After I modified the boot.ini to reference this file, upon
reboot, I am given the choice for Linux, but booting it is unsuccessful.

Is there a problem using different hard disks?  Can I not use NTLDR to boot
Linux on another physical drive?  Can I use LILO to boot Win2K if Linux
doesn't even recognize the other HDDs connected to the ATA100 PCI card?

What suggestions do you have?


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I have a machine at a remote developer's house, which is dual-boot
Solaris 2.6 and 8, SPARC.

There are data filesystems he'd like mounted in either boot case, e.g.
/dev/dsk/c0t0d0s2 mounted over /data when he's booted into 2.6 and when
he's booted into 8.

My question is, in the 8's vfstab, should I specify "logging" for /data ?
Or will this cause problems? I think for now I won't turn it on, just in case.


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