ELF upgrade problems -- ncurses, gdbm, elf kernel

ELF upgrade problems -- ncurses, gdbm, elf kernel

Post by Kevin For » Tue, 22 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hi All-

I've just recently accomplished the first part of upgrading my system
to ELF and now I'm trying to get the ncurses and gdbm installation
part done and having problems that I'm hoping someone here can help me

First, some details about my system:

P75, 32MB Ram, running linux kernel version 1.3.32 (very recently
succeeded at building 2.0.23 as ELF and it seems to work mostly ok,
but still some minor problems -- ps -u leads to floating point
exception, diald wants to hang up and start over again as soon as it
starts pppd, etc).

I've checked that these problems occur under both 1.3.32 and 2.0.23
kernels so I don't think that's it.

I will readily admit that I'm somewhat of a newbie, but I have done a
fair amount with linux (it has been my primary OS over the last year)
and know my way around somewhat.

Anyway, here's where I've become stuck.  I've been following the HOWTO

v1.29, 14 July 1996

and I've successfully completed all steps up through (including) step
14 of section 2.4 (Rearranging your filesystem) which is where he


By this time you should have a (more or less) fully functioning ELF
development system. Stand back and celebrate quietly for a few

Well, the next step is ncurses installation.  I've got version
ncurses-1.9.9e and I read the README and INSTALL in accordance with
Daniel's suggestions, and did the configure he suggests:

$ ./configure --with-normal --with-shared --disable-termcap
--enable-overwrite --prefix=/usr

with no apparent problems there.

Then, following the guidance in INSTALL, I just did a


from the ncurses-1.9.9e subdirectory and the build seems to go fine.

However, following along now in the ncurses INSTALL file, step 4 says
I should run ncurses (the test program) and several other test
programs in the test subdirectory to verify that ncurses functions
correctly before doing an install that my overwrite system files.

When I run these, the programs run (no crashes) but they seem to
behave in a manner other than that indicated by what the programs
suggest they should do so.  I've run them in a plain xterm, a color
xterm, and from the console (terminal type linux) and they all have
various problems.

Anyone know what could be the problem here?  The ELF HOWTO goes on to
say that after I _install_ ncurses (I don't want to do that yet since
it seems these test programs _don't_ work ok), then I should fiddle
around with /usr/lib and do some things by hand that aren't done well
by default.  It also mentions perhaps having to fiddle with terminal
types, but that all seems to be directed at making sure that you still
have the "linux" terminal type, and I do.

The other thing is with gdbm:

I moved on to the gdbm installation (step 16) and had some problems
there too.  Here's what I did:

$ tar zxpvf gdbm-1.7.3.tar.gz
$ patch -p0 < gdbm.patch
$ cd gdbm-1.7.3
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr
$ make
$ make progs

and everything went fine until I did the make progs and here's the
output I got:

darkstar:/usr2/local/src/gdbm-1.7.3# make progs
gcc -c   -fPIC -I. -O6 -m486 -fomit-frame-pointer testgdbm.c -o
In file included from testgdbm.c:43:
getopt.h:102: conflicting types for `getopt'
/usr/include/unistd.h:530: previous declaration of `getopt'
make: *** [testgdbm.o] Error 1

Because of all these problems that are occurring where the INSTALL
files are telling me I should expect no errors, I'm beginning to
wonder if some step that I did previously was done incorrectly,
leading the various tools looking in wrong places for information.

Another clue is that when I try to run a recently downloaded ELF
executable of xpdf that _used_ to fail before I upgraded to ELF with a
shell complaint like "no such file or directory, `xpdf'" when it was
right there plain as day, this xpdf now fails with the following:

darkstar:/usr2/local/src/xpdf-0.5-linux1.2-elf$ ./xpdf
./xpdf: can't load library 'libX11.so.6'

which seems like a rather major problem.

The kernel issues are that while running the 2.0.23 kernel compiled as
elf, I get some problems.

When I try

ps -u

I get a floating point exception where when I do so under 1.3.32
a.out, it works fine.

Also, I use diald to start up pppd and establish my network
connection, and it works fine under 1.3.32, but when I have it do the
same under 2.0.23, as soon as diald starts pppd, it disconnects and
says it'll try again in 30 seconds.  This is after the phone line has
already been verified to be clear, the modem handshaking is done,
login script is done, and just before both sides start talking ppp,
that's when diald says it's time to start again.  Frustrating!

The other thing is that PCMCIA doesn't start up under the new kernel,
and yet works fine under the old one.

I've only run the 2.0.23 kernel a couple of times, and I would say it
is mostly functional, but there are these problems which keep it from
being practical to run all the time.

Does anyone have any clues on what these problems might be telling me
and how I can fix them?

And this is gonna be just the beginning, 'cause after all of these
upgrades, I hafta get some version of java running on my system so
that I can continue with my thesis!  Yikes!

Anyway, thanks for any help.  Please email in addition to posting.



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