Red Hat lilo problem with ATAPI CD-ROM and SCSI disk

Red Hat lilo problem with ATAPI CD-ROM and SCSI disk

Post by John Phillip » Mon, 14 Oct 1996 04:00:00

The lilo installation in Red Hat 3.0.3 does not seem to correctly set up
lilo.conf for booting from the MBR of my SCSI disk.  There is an ATAPI
CD-ROM as master on the primary IDE interface (but no other IDE drives),
and a single SCSI host adaptor with a SCSI disk at ID=0.

The installation programs are happy to correctly insert "root=/dev/sda3"
into lilo.conf but insist on "boot=/dev/hda" in spite of there being
only an ATAPI CD-ROM there, no EIDE disks.  Naturally, this lilo
configuration does not boot.

Question 3.11 of RedHat-FAQ.txt gives the means to boot and correct the
"boot=/dev/hda" to "boot=/dev/sda" after which everything is fine (and
the installation process is otherwise superbly designed and executed).

However it seems to me that this is a perfectly reasonable configuration
that should install correctly without manual intervention.  The
installation programs already know that the "drive" at /dev/hda is a
CD-ROM and so the lilo installation should not count this as a candidate
device for booting.

Have I missed something that would have avoided the problem, or is this
the bug it seems to be?


1. Red Hat 3.0.3, ATAPI CD-ROM woes

Bought a NEC 4x ATAPI CD-ROM to make my life easier.  Got it installed
as Master, on my 2nd IDE controller port, /dev/hdc.  Works fine under
my old Linux system.  Works fine under Win95.  Even just got it
working under plain old DOS, although I had to set a funky option of
the form:


at one point.  I've also played with


and both seem to work.  Can someone explain to me what 3EE is for?  I
know what 170,15 are for.  And also, if it affects my present

I do the REDHAT.EXE install from DOS, so as not to have to make any
floppy disks.  But when it's time to boot Linux, it hangs looking for
an iso9060 file format.  i.e. looking for a CD-ROM drive.  The CD-ROM
spins, and it looks like it's talking for about 30 seconds.  Then it
just goes dead.

What gives?

I'd like to think that my DOS CD-ROM setup is wrong, and that this
affects the automatied Linux installation.  But I am not certain.  Any
help appreciated.

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