Toshiba Laptop/MetroX

Toshiba Laptop/MetroX

Post by Bradley D. Harre » Thu, 20 Feb 1997 04:00:00

        I recently installed RedHat 4.0/MetroX on my Toshiba 415CS
Laptop.  Unfortunally, I have been unable to get a video mode higher
than the default 640x480/16.  I have been able to find xwindows
configs that might work, but want the extra advantages of MetroX.  If
anyone knows a good config/patch, could you e-mail me at the below
address?  Thanks


1. Conf pointer on Toshiba CDT-500 Tetra series Laptop using MetroX on Red Hat 4.1

  Am having considerable trouble getting MetroX to work on a Toshiba
Tetra CDT-500 series laptop.  The command line works fine but when
using startx I get to the MetroX GUI and can use the Xterminal but
have a frozen pointer.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
as have tried all variables suggested so far.

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