red hat 5.2 and netscape 4.07

red hat 5.2 and netscape 4.07

Post by Ada Vukic » Thu, 20 May 1999 04:00:00

Is there any way to remove messages automatically in Netscape Messenger
once they are over two weeks old?  Will this require a newer version of
Netscape or is there no such ability in Netscape?


Adam Vukich


1. Red Hat 5.2 & Netscape Communicator 4.07

This NC 4.07, IMHO, is a lot more stable than the latest NC 4.05.
However, how come the Location Bar always goes to the top most column
while Navigation Bar is below it?  Is it possible to customize the
arrange of the tool bars?

Jimmy Navarro KE6FPK

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