Linux/Win95 to Linux Box Via Null-Modem, then to Internet

Linux/Win95 to Linux Box Via Null-Modem, then to Internet

Post by Warren Smit » Thu, 10 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Dear all who care:

I actually pulled it off. After about 2 months of research and various
failures, I finally did it. I have two computers, connected with a null
modem cable, and I've been able to connect both to the 'Net via
IP Masquerading. Just thought you should know. If you have any questions
on how to do something like this, let me know. I'll try to be as helpful
as i can. . . .

Just though You should know,



1. Win95 -> Linux via null-modem .... help!


I'm trying to hook up my 486 (win95) to a K6-II running Linux via a null-
modem. I've followed the steps in an article in the Linux Gazette issue 41.

I won't put in all the detail here ... but here's my problem. I can connect
through Hyperterm to the Linux m/c ... so the link is working.

However, the only reason for doing all this is that I want to be able
to run netscape and other x-apps on the 486. So as mentioned in the
above article I created a user called ppp95 and set it's shell to
point to pppd. Finally I put a .ppprc in /home/ppp95 with the
following lines:

connect '/usr/sbin/chat -v ATH OK AT OK ATE0V1 OK ATX3 OK ATDT CONNECT'

After this I start Dial-up Networking on the 486 and log in as ppp95.
However after saying "dialing" for a few seconds it quits saying that
the modem is not responding. I'm using "Standard 28800 Modem" to connect.

On the linux side, I can see (in /var/log/messages) that it receives
ATH, AT and ATE0V1 and then dies waiting for ATX3 ....

So, my question is: what should I try next? I'm completely lost. I've tried
reading all the HOWTO's, but I either can't find anything relevant or don't
understand the jargon (I'm pretty new to all this).

I'm hoping that some kind soul can bail me out of this one.
Thanks in advance. - Pankaj.

PS: If you need more details regarding the setup, please see the link
    above. I've tried to follow it as closely as possible.

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