3C905B-TX : TX=0 !

3C905B-TX : TX=0 !

Post by Damien Challe » Wed, 31 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I have 3 brand new PCs and I have installed RedHat 5.2 on those

2 are IDE, MS-6119 mainboard
1 is SCSI, AP2B-DS mainboard

All have 3c905B-TX NIC. The cards are recognized during installation, I
have a normal message during the boot, but the network does not work :
indeed, even with the last version of the driver, I get "TX:0" while RX
grows, on the three machines. I wonder if 3com has changed anything to
their 3c905B card, because I have 2 others 6 months old PC whith 3c905B
cards which work fine. When I run the vortex-diag program, I get rev0
for the new cards, and rev4 for the 6 months old ones !!!

What do I have to change in the BIOS ?

Should I use the DOS 3cXXX config program  ? To do what ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Damien Challet


1. 3COM Fast Etherlink XL 10/100Base-TX (3c905B-TX)

Hi Everyone,

I have some trouble configuring a 3Com Fast Etherlink XL 10/100Base-TX with the
3c905B-TX with Linux. The driver recognizes it and configures it and eth0 is up
and running but nothing goes through to the network or comes out of it. Physical
connection is there, the lights are on. But not data gets transmitted or no data
comes throught it. 3c59x driver for linux identifies it correctly as 3c905B
"cyclone" and uses the io port 0x1000 and irq 10.

Did anyone come across this problem? If you have a solution can you please post it?
I would really appreciate that.

Thank you!

Sanjaya Wijeratne

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