Need up with getting Media Vision Pro Sonic MCD to work

Need up with getting Media Vision Pro Sonic MCD to work

Post by Chee-Kiang L » Thu, 29 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Hi !

I just bought a Media Vision Pro Sonic MCD sound card for a steal but I
seem to be having tons problems setting it up. The Hardware Howto says
it is supported but the Soun Howto did not list it. It is supposedly SB
abd SB pro compatible. I have a few questions:

1) Is it compatible with the PAS 16 ? Is Pro Sonic a descendent from PAS
16 ?

2) I am using 1.2.5 kernel. Do I need a later version to get it to work

3) What options do I use to compile the kernel ? Do I compile it with
SB/SB Pro support ? PAS 16 support ?

If there is a FAQ (Sound how-to is a bit dated and not very helpful in
my case) that can help, I've love to hear its location.

Sorry for the crossposting but this is both a hardware and a setup



1. Is Media Vision Pro Sonic card supported?

I am trying to help a friend install Linux. He has IDE drives but
his CDROM(a NEC) is a SCSI one running of the SCSI interface on his
Pro Sonic card. Is this card supported and if so what driver do I
use to make the cdrom work?

My friend would really like to use Linux if only he could get the
CDROM working. Note that we already installed Slackware on him
computer (by installing of a DOS partition)

Thanks a Lot
Prasanth Kumar

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