xisp install help. I can't get it to compile

xisp install help. I can't get it to compile

Post by Brian Pett » Wed, 09 Dec 1998 04:00:00

This is my first attempt at installing a program in Linux (RedHat 5.2) and I'm
running into some problems.

I was hoping someone could give me some quick step by steps.

Here's what I'm doing.  I download the /a.out/xforms library into /tmp.
Uncompressed it into the tmp directory and ran make.  Everything looked ok.

Then, I download xisp and put it in the tmp directory.  Decompressed into the
temp directory and changed the Makfile to use the RedHat setup.  

When I run make, it starts going ok, but eventually I get screens and screens of
errors.  It can't find certain vars.  f_windows...or something like that.  I
can't remember.  I looked in the forms.h library and found these name

I can't use ezppp either.  I installed that from a Red Hat package and when I
run it I get some library error.

If anyone can give me some tips, it would be greatly appreciated.


Brian Pettit

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