DIP script for Dynamic IP address

DIP script for Dynamic IP address

Post by `sEb » Mon, 11 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Dear LiNUX Gurus, Networking Gurus,

1-Any Idea where to get dip's script for :-
- dynamic IP address
- using auto PPP (doesnt require to type "ppp default")
- the call number is 1511
- modem is /dev/cua1 (already set using setserial as /dev/modem)
- login assume as "sebol"
- password assume as "secret"
- the domain names server is

I've try "DIP" it seem like 50% work...

2- what should I write at
are this file necessary for dynamics IP address user ?




1. dip script for slip/ppp connection with dynamic IP address

I'm having trouble writing a dip script and works for a dynamically
allocated IP address. The major thing giving me trouble is
intercepting the IP address and then figuring out what to do with
it. Could someone point me to relevant documentation for doing this?
Also, sample dip scripts that deal with dynamically allocated IP
addresses would also be helpful. Thanks much.

Chuck Irvine
Serior Member of Technical Staff
Systems & Networks, Inc.                                FAX (913) 841-1345
1310 Wakarusa Dr., Suite A                              (913) 841-1283

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