SB16 & CR-503b

SB16 & CR-503b

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        I encountered a strange problem when installing slackware 2.3 on my
386DX-40 8M RAM, SB16 (SCSI) and CR-503b. I used 'scsi' boot disk and
add 'ramdisk aha152x=0x340,11,7,1' on boot. The CR-503b can be
identitied but the identification string is somewhat strange,
alternate characters are lost, ie, the screen displayed

vendor : C M A    model: C - O    C - 0 B Q     rev:1 1
type : CD-ROM

which I guess should be

vendor : COMPAQ     model: CD-ROM    CR-503BCQ     rev:1.1C
type : CD-ROM

        Can someone help? The cd-rom cannot be mount because the format is not
reconized by linux.


1. Panasonic CR-563, CR-562 and IBM external CR-563 compatible.


I have a couple of questions concerning CD-ROM drives.

a) What is the difference between a Panasonic CR-562 and a  Panasonic CR-563 ?

b) Can I use the IBM external (Panasonic CR-563 compatible) as an internal
   CDROM drive, and can I then connect it to the Panasonic Soundblaster
   Interface with a 40-pin cable.
   And can I connect the IBM drive via an internal cable to the audio card
   for the audio facilities. (4-pin cable)?
   Does the SBPCD driver work with this IBM 'internal drive', connected to
   the sound blaster, or does it only work with his own interface and so as
   an external drive?
   Are the connectors of this drive so that it can be used as internal drive,
   I mean the power, data and audio connectors?

c) Is there someone who has a working INSTANT TECH CDROM drive under linux
   (double speed)? It is named INSTANT TECH CDAT300I, and has its own interface
   board, and could work with a SONY compatible interface. It has a 34-pins
   connector. The interface card is named something like 'IAT-SY02'.
   Is there someone who has a driver for this CDROM player, for under Linux?
   Or is there someone who can give me some hints?
   The device driver for under dos is named CDAT300I.SYS. The firm is GSL.
   Could I use the sony interface on the sound blaster card?
   Any help is appreciated



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