Install RH7.1 on disk2, NT4 on disk1, boot only from floppy on disk2 (linux)

Install RH7.1 on disk2, NT4 on disk1, boot only from floppy on disk2 (linux)

Post by Petros Dafniot » Tue, 23 Oct 2001 19:53:11

I would like to achieve the following:
1. I have two hard drives (EIDE): C and D
2. On C I have WinNT4SP6a
3. On D I want to put RH 7.1
4. I want my PC to boot automatically on NT (no lilo, nothing;
basically I do not want drive C to be "touched")
5. Iff I wish, then using a floppy I will boot onto D and Linux
6. Linux and NT will share nothing

Is this possible and how? I was thinking of disconnecting C: while
on D: and then following FAQ to boot from floppy on hard disk.

Kind regards,
Petros Dafniotis, PhD


Install RH7.1 on disk2, NT4 on disk1, boot only from floppy on disk2 (linux)

Post by Karthikesh Raj » Tue, 23 Oct 2001 20:22:31

You dont have to do any thing like removing and disconnecting your c:

Just start the linux install process, during the partioning process,
choose manual partition and dont do anything with your C: (should be
called hda (i guess) ), and mount all your mountpoints etc to your d:.
When you have to install lilo, ask it to install it onto your /boot
partition (assuming you have created one), and not at the MBR, and
ofcourse make a boot floppy .......

Hope it helps,
-- karthik



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