A3C (Diamond S90) and linux 2.2.9

A3C (Diamond S90) and linux 2.2.9

Post by Elvis Che » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I just bought a Diamond S90 sound card that is based on Aureal Vortex
chipset. Upon browsing kernel compilation options I'm surprised that it is
NOT yet supported.  A quick check with on-line HOWTO and www.opensound.com
confirms such observation.

Is there anyway to get this sound card to work under kernel 2.2.9
(Mandrake 6)?  Maybe by SoundBlaster emulation?  I don't need full support
for its 3D function *grin* but I'd like use use x11amp with it.

(If I had known I'd bought S70, which is based on ESS Maestro-II, instead)

thanx in advance,