SB 32 IDE and CD-ROM problems

SB 32 IDE and CD-ROM problems

Post by Samson Ch » Sun, 27 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I am using kernal version 2.0.22 with sound compile as module.
My sound card is SoundBlaster 32 IDE non-PnP with all default setting.
My motherboard is ASUS P55T2P4 with Cyrix P150+ 32MB 512k cache.
The following is from /dev/sndstat:

Installed drivers:
Type 1: OPL-2/OPL-3 FM
Type 2: Sound Blaster
Type 7: SB MPU-401

Card config:
Sound Blaster at 0x220 irq 5 drq 1,5
SB MPU-401 at 0x330 irq 5 drq 0
OPL-2/OPL-3 FM at 0x388 drq 0

Audio devices:
0: Sound Blaster 16 (4.13)

Synth devices:
0: Yamaha OPL-3

Midi devices:
0: Sound Blaster 16

0: System clock

0: Sound Blaster

I can do 'cat > /dev/audio' and 'cat > /dev/dsp' but
have a lot of noise in the background.  I can record sound as describe in
the Sound-HOW-TO document.  But whenever I try to run some programs (games
etc..) that have sound or music enable, the whole system lock up and force
me to press the reset button (can't kill process by any means, even in X).
If I disable sound and music, those programs work fine.  I am sure the IRQ
and DMA is set correctly since I use the same setting in Windows95, Windows
3.1 and DOS.

Also, for the CD-ROM that I have is a 4X IDE connect to IDE channel 2.
Only device in that channel.  /dev/hdc.  Have no problem to mount and
access regular CD-ROM.  But when I use Workbone in X to play audio CD, it
refuses to play at all unless I set it to auto-play CD, then it will play by
itself.  The track list do shows up when the program start.  I try to
re-compile the program but the problem persist.

I appreciate for any help/hint to solve these problems.

Thank you


1. SB 16 AWE 32 PnP CD-ROM workaround problem solved!

Greetings all:

I come to you with somewhat goods news.

First of all, this will mostly affect users of 486 and 386 systems of which
have 1 "true" IDE controller with 2 hard drives connected to it, and a
Sound Blaster AWE 32 Plug and Play sound card with their CD-ROM attached to
it, and are running a Windows 95 and Linux combo.  In addition, this "fix"
does not take LILO into consideration, it does, however, require the use of
"LODLIN15.ZIP" which is found in the root user's directory of the Slackware
3.0 distribution install.

Okay, enough with that, on with the show.

Now, Linux didn't like my CD-ROM being connected to the quaternary IDE port
(0x168, 0x36E, IRQ 10) simply because it didn't scan that high for the
presence of the CD.  After trying to add "append=" lines to my "LINUX.BAT"
file which runs LOADLIN v1.5 without any luck, I decided to venture to
Windows 95's device manager.  Select the "Creative IDE CD-ROM Drive" from
the Hard Disk Controllers, check its properties.  Now when you go to
Resources, you should see it being at the above "quaternary" port address.
To change this, deselect "Use Automatic Settings".  Next, pick Basic
Configuration 0003, which should be for the secondary IDE port (0x170,
0x376, IRQ 15).  Click OK, and the computer will chug a little as it
changes the config.

Now, the second step, would be to edit the "DOSSTART.BAT" file in
C:\WINDOWS.  This file should have CTCM loading before running LODLIN's
LINUX.BAT.  And for the CD-ROM to work in DOS, make sure you change the
address in the "SBIDE.SYS" line of the DOSSTART.BAT file to reflect the
changes you made in the Windows 95 Device manager.

Once CTCM is run, and "5 of 5" plug and play devices configured, you should
be able to boot into Linux, and have the kernel find your CD-ROM on IDE1.
Now, I'm taking it for granted that you have already recompiled the Linux
kernel to use IDE/ATAPI CD-ROMs, as well as the secondary IDE channel.

Well, that's about it.  If you have any questions, please feel free to send
me some e-mail, and I can send you my LINUX.BAT and DOSSTART.BAT files if
that's where you are stuck.

Good luck, and God speed!
        Mike Lebrun

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