Continuing saga of parallel tape drive installation woes

Continuing saga of parallel tape drive installation woes

Post by Dennis Putn » Mon, 01 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Now that I know I have to use ftape to support my Conner CTT800E tape
drive I am at the next layer of the onion. I asked this on the
linux-tape discussion list but have not yet received a reply so I
though I'd try here as well.

After installing ftape, I execute the 'insert' script for the modules.
The script outputs a number of messages including some errors. Here
are the messages that I think are errors:

can't locate module parport
trakker.c (trakker_checksum) - checksum error (off by 9c).
...... repeated several times with different "off by xx" number.......
trakker.c (trakker_detect) - can't find trakker interface for ftape id
trakker.c (trakker_detect) - ft_parport_probe(fdc, &trakker->parinfo)
failed: -6.
bpck-fdc.c (bpck_fdc_detect) - - can't find bpck interface for ftape
id 1.
bpck-fdc.c (bpck_fdc_detect) - - ft_parport_probe(fdc, &bpck->parinfo)
failed: -6.

I obvously have some kind of configuration or installation error but
do not know here to go from here. Can someone point me in the right
direction? The available doccumentation has been no help. TIA.


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Again, thanks for the help.  For all who haven't followed, I have just
installed a colorado 250MB floppy controller tape drive on a P166 running
redhat 5.0.  I have tried to back up to it using tar, and, having gotten
the right switches in the command line, I get this error:

I thought that it might be bvecause the tape needs formatting, but using
mkfs yields the same error.  Advice?


Adam J

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