Shutdown hangs

Shutdown hangs

Post by ro.. » Fri, 23 Feb 2001 09:30:49

I'm running SuSE-6.3 on my PC with kernel version 2.2.18 and have
enjoyed troublefree performance until a few days ago, when the
"shutdown" process ceased to work.  After the customary lines

             URGENT: broadcast message from root:
             System going down IMMEDIAETLY!
             ... for maintenance; bounce, bounce...

that appear on the console after invoking "halt", "reboot" or
"shutdown -h now",  the following message is now added:

             Sending SIGTERM to mortals...

This line is repeated once again after some minutes, but nothing more

The only solution is to use the reset button (or power down).
On reboot, everything works normally (after the inevitable partition
checks) until it's time to shutdown or reboot again.

Any help will be gratefully received!


Robin Cosby


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