Get error 0x08 while loading ramdisk ?

Get error 0x08 while loading ramdisk ?

Post by Alex van Gul » Thu, 12 Jan 1995 19:17:33

Hello world.

I am using Linux Slackware 1.2 and I wish to move up to 2.1. When I try to
boot with the scsinet kernel I get these error messages:

        Loading ramdisk
        Error 0x08
        boot: ramdisk


I can use the floppy from msdos and from my current Linux setup. The harddisk
I have is a Quantum PD700S SCSI with an Adaptec AHA 1540CF/1542CF controller.
The controllers settings are:

        adress  330
        IRQ      11
        DMA       5
        SCSI ID   7

Can anyone tell me what Error 0x08 menas? I checked the LILO faq, but only
error 0x04 was described.

If more dats is needed or when you have an answer, please mail to:

Thanks in advance,



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Hello, world.

I am having some problems with my slackware 1.1.2. I wanted to Linux this
morning (new verb), but my root filesystem came up as read-only. So I
tried to boot with the bootkernel to be able to edit some files on my
root-partition. But after I typed mount root=/dev/sda2, which is my
Linux root-filesystem, I get the message Error 0x08. After that it
continuously tries to boot, but the same error message appears.

Then I tried booting the ramdisk, but no results either. In fact, the
same error message appears. I really don't understand this, because I
installed Linux with the same bootkernel flop.

I anyone has any suggestions, thanks in advance.

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