Trouble Compressing the Kernel

Trouble Compressing the Kernel

Post by Wolfgang Steine » Wed, 14 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hi to all!

I am trying to create an new kernel v.2.0.35 for my system. For this I
using gcc 2.8.1 and binutils 2.9.1.  Everything goes well until the
of the kernel. At this point there are entries in the makefiles at
arch/i386/boot and arch/i386/boot/compressed, that use the utility
objdump with the options -k -q and -o <start-address>.
Apparently my version of objdump does not recognise these options and
I do not know, what they are supposed to do.
Is it possible to do the required step in the makefiles with binutils
2.9.1 or
do I have to revert to an earlier version????

Thanks in advance, Wolfgang


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I downloaded, complied and installed v 2.2 yesterday. The compilation
went without a hitch and the kernel booted up correctly. Everything is
working perfectly. But I notice that the kernel size has increased by
a considerable amount compared to 2.0.x, compiled with exactly the
same features.

Size of /vmlinuz for 2.0.33 on my system: ~325 kB.

Size of /vmlinuz for 2.2.0 with same features: ~450 kB.

Is this normal? Thanks for any help.



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