Q: ghostscript 5.10 previews but won't print

Q: ghostscript 5.10 previews but won't print

Post by Charlie Zende » Mon, 29 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I just installed Aladdin Ghostscript 5.10 (1997-11-23)  on my Linux
2.0.0 kernel system
and now I can't print postscript files anymore. Unfortunately, I don't
get any error messages
so it is difficult to tell what is happening. Text files print fine to
my laserjet5, which uses
the Magicfilter-1.2 drivers. Also, gs and the ghostview previewer appear
to work fine
when sending output to an Xwindow, but when I use lpr to print a
postscript file, nothing
happens. The printer doesn't seem to get any data, and the print queue
has nothing in it.
How can I find out what I am doing wrong?


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The subject says it, really.  I can't get the stock ghostscript binaries
(gs 2.6.1 pl ?) to preview ghostscript using vgalib.  My command line looks

and set returns


Any suggestions?  I'd _really_ like to avoid having to recompile gs to fix
this, and i'm (reasonably) certain that the problem is something simple.
But then again, SLS has had major bugs in it before.  I wouldn't be
surprised if the one driver for gs that almost all SLS users will make use
of just doesn't work properly...

Oh, I forgot to mention, when I try the above command line, the result is
a pretty 'core.gs' file in my directory.  No messages, just a core dump.

Thanks in advance,

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