"Burning with .raws", or "Debian trouble"

"Burning with .raws", or "Debian trouble"

Post by Ryan Jord » Fri, 12 Apr 2002 10:18:59

I'm trying to download the woody distro of debian, but all i can find
are images in .raw files. Can I burn a CD from these? And if so, how?

Also, I'm having trouble setting up X 4.1.0 under debian (I did a net
install, want to try CD images). The included drivers don't work well
with my Geforce 3, so I got the drivers from nvidia.com and tried to
compile them. It says that the compiler i was using was not the one
used to compile my kernel, and then it won't let me compile or do a
"make install". I tried gcc 2.95 and 3, no luck. Should i use a 2.4
kernel like I had for Mandrake and Red Hat?

If there's something I'm screwing up with my config file and you have
this working, can i have a copy of your config to base mine off of?

Thanks for any replies.