HOWTO Erase OnTrack Disk Manager

HOWTO Erase OnTrack Disk Manager

Post by Bob Russe » Tue, 09 May 1995 04:00:00

This is from my own hair-pulling, tech calling, FAQ searching experience
trying to get rid of OnTrack Disk Manager so I could finally read my
primary (DOS) drive from the secondary (Linux) drive. It's very simple,
but you WILL have to re-format the DOS drive:

1)  Backup your data! Remember to save the restore-program as well.

2)  Create a CLEAN boot-disk (no config.sys): "format a: /s/v".

3)  You might want to copy FDISK and FORMAT onto the floppy, as well.

4)  Check your BIOS setup to make sure the boot sequence is "A:, C:" and
    not the other way around. (This really threw me off until I had an
    inspiration to check it!  Nowhere is this mentioned in any FAQ or by
    any tech I dealt with.)

5)  Boot from the floppy.

6)  Running FDISK will now show a "Non-DOS partition".   Delete it.

7)  Make a new Primary partition and set it as Active.  Exit FDISK.

8)  FORMAT the partition: "format c: /s".

9)  Re-boot to the hard drive for a clean machine...

10) Happy days are here again.... :)

Hope this helps anyone that's going through what I had to.

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HOWTO Erase OnTrack Disk Manager

Post by Ethan Shay » Thu, 11 May 1995 04:00:00

Actually, I think you can remove Disk Manager by running their
"DM" program with the "/Y-" flag.

                        Ethan Shayne


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