Linux and PPP

Linux and PPP

Post by Thomas He » Thu, 08 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hi !

I've problems with the ppd:
I'm using this ppp-on file:

pppd connect 'chat -v "" ATDT3174700 CONNECT "" ogin: me word: pword
ts- ppp' /dev/cua1 19200 -detach debug crtscts modem defaultroute noipdefault

My modems dials, connects to the sever, but disconnects after 60 sec.
The var/adm/syslog say:

Feb  6 12:30:14 green-bay pppd[80]: could not set up connection

Is it a wrong ppp-on file, or something else, which causes the
problem ??

BTW: The kernel is supporting ppp