anyone install kde package on slackware?

anyone install kde package on slackware?

Post by Brian Lavend » Tue, 23 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I got the KDE package for slackware on

which links to and installed the packages on Slackware
3.6 and it rocks!
In order to make it work I had to remove the qt_1_41.tgz package and
install just the qt_1_42.tgz package. I then installed the kde.tgz

I have to say I am impressed.

Brian Lavender
Sacramento, CA

"If a train station is where the train stops,
what is a workstation?" -- Phil Adamson


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hey all,
    recently installed slackware for the first time, and un into problems
trying to install some packages. I had an rpm of lsof, and decidedd to
install it, i am told i required (or something similar) to be able
to run lsof - yet installing open office found libc, and installed fine. I
trried to install the most recent libc to see if i could get any results - i
am then told to install libc i require /bin/sh, and /usr/bin/perl - well
both these applications are installed, and exactly where they should be. I
am at a dead end

thanks in advance for any suggestions


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