Help with set-up of Avance Logic video card

Help with set-up of Avance Logic video card

Post by Neokli » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I am trying to setup Linux on a PC at work which has a video card with
Avance Logic 2564 chipset. The nearest driver available in my Suse 6.0
"snapshot" is for the Avance logic 2401 chipset. I can only get the card
to work in the generic 640x480x4-bit VGA mode which is not sufficient.

Has anyone succeded in tuning XF89Config to at least give 800x600x8-bit
video? The monitor is a Compag V55.

Thanks in advance!


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  I have an avance logic video card and have managed to run X in
800x600 mode, has anyone moanaged to get it running in higher resolutions
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the dos machines and it can cope with higher resolutions.



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