ZIP SCSI-PCMCIA card related questions.

ZIP SCSI-PCMCIA card related questions.

Post by Gey-Hong Gweo » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Dear Experts,

I have recently bought a ZIP SCSI-PCMCIA card for my laptop and a
Olympus MO 230Mb drive. I am also testing my ZIP 100 external SCSI
connected to my laptop. I have very little experience with SCSI, so here
are couple of questions.

First, from the specs of my MO drive and the ZIP drive, I expected to
get about ~ 1 Mb/sec throughput. However, I am only getting about 0.3
Mb/sec. However, I am not sure what the speed for this ZIP SCSI-PCMCIA
card is. The box says that this card should be able to boost up the
speed by up to 5 times as fast as the parallel ZIP model. This seems to
mean ~ 1 Mb/sec, but I am not 100 % sure. So, here is my question. Does
any one know (from experience) how fast data transfer speed this card

I have a little suspicion that the SCSI driver may not be exploiting the
full capability of this card, or maybe it is a matter of some module

Currently, the pcmcia module detects the card as a Adaptec APA-1460
SlimSCSI card, and loads it with the driver aha152x_cs. I have actually
played with changing some default parameters, but they don't seem to
make things better. For example, I have tried to set the synchronous
option to "1" but then my MO drive freezes up the whole system couple of
seconds after a MO disk is mounted. All I can do is to power off the
system. Furthermore, the ZIP drive rejects the synchronous option,
according to the system log messages. I am not familiar with what this
synchronous option does, but I was sort of expecting that the
synchronous mode will speed things up a little, after looking at some
spec sheets of other SCSI cards. Does anyone have some explanation of
why the synchronous option isn't well accepted by my devices?

Also, an odd thing that I discovered is that the sync option of the file
system affects the data read/write speed quite a lot. Mounting my MO
disk with the sync option slows down the writing speed by a factor of
10, while on the ZIP drive it is the reading speed that decreases by a
factor of 3 or so when a ZIP diskette is mounted with the sync option. I
wonder if this is a normal behavior, or a signal that something is not
quite right...

Any specific or SCSI-general advice would be appreciated. FYI, my kernel
is 2.2.11 and the pcmcia is version 3.1.8.
Gey-Hong Gweon
The University of Michigan, Physics Department, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
(734) 647-9434 (Office), 763-3417 (Lab), 763-9694 (Fax)



After having read all the posts on the ZIP drive I have decided to purchase
one for my laptop.  I am planning on purchasing the New Media Bus Toaster
SCSI PCMCIA card to supply the SCSI port.  I am curious how well this will
work.  Does anyone run a similar setup?  I am concerned that the ZIP drive
doesn't supply termination power, and the PCMCIA also doesn't supply it.  I
have heard of the APS SCSI Sentry 2 active terminator block, but I am
concerned about troubles connecting it to the strange 25-pin SCSI connector
on the back of the ZIP.  Any ideas?
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