Slackware 3.0 --- linux 1.2.13 --- missing .h files

Slackware 3.0 --- linux 1.2.13 --- missing .h files

Post by Adam Dobrzyc » Sat, 20 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,

I have just installed linux 1.2.13 from slackware 3.0 (ftp-d from Since I know little about the whole stuff, I did not do
_anything_ non-default. Everything worked very well, except for one thing:
whenever I tried to build anything with "make", I was getting error
messages about missing .h files, like "linux/version.h: No such file or
directory" (other .h files were missing, too).

I was suprised to find out that the distribution did not come with the set
of "standard" .h files, but, what do I know... I guessed that the may come
with the kernel source. I ftp-d the appropriate kernel source as well,
gunzipped and untarred it, and then made all the appropriate links as
directed in README - and still, no version.h file in the "inlude/linux"
subdirectory. I (reluctantly - after all, the system works fine) attempted
to configure the kernel (with "make config", I believe), but then it
started asking me questions which were _way_ beyond my level of familiarity
with the system. Despite my answering with defaults only, again it
complained about not having some obscure .h files and exited.

Can anyone tell me:

1) how to get version.h and other .h files?
2) do I really need to configure an otherwise working system?

Thanks. Please e-mail your replies.

Adam Dobrzycki               AXAF Science Center



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missing inittab file for slackware 1.2.13

i do have the boot, root & other lilo disks from way back in the summer
when I loaded the system, but I was hoping for an alternative. I can
boot to the cd or to some minimal kernel somehow, can't I? uhhhh.

Please don't asked details but I was tarring something to floppy and
before actually tarring, I figured I'd test out my syntax. Well one
thing led to the next and the next thing I knew I realized I had tarred
whatever was on my floppy right over my inittab file--What a maroon!
Anyway, if someone could post a generic slackware inittab file or send
me one or whatever I'd be most grateful.
I could also use some advice on how to go about getting up to some point
(run level 0 or ...) so I can restore that file.

Thanks for any help anyone could afford,

Joe Beck

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