non-network configuration on setup, REDHAT

non-network configuration on setup, REDHAT

Post by Judy N. Gre » Wed, 04 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I am installing Red Hat Linux 3.03, March '96 from CD.
Diskless install from CD.

I am trying to use image0002
        no ethernet
        panasonic/ Soundblaster CD

I've consulted the FAQ, but have had no luck.

I am installing on my PC at home (no network, internet connection
through sympatico).
Pentium 120, 32 megs RAM. Pipeline Burst Cache.
Trident 64-bit TGUI9680 video card (not supported(2 megs DRAM). I've
selected IBM VGA which seems to work OK, but only gives me 16 colors.
US Robotic Sportster Modem 14400.
270 meg HD and
2 gig HD (boot drive -- C:) partitioned as follows:
        900 meg -- dos,
        30 meg -- linux swap,
        remainder -- linux (about 1 gig).

The installation seems to go well except that my video card and PCI
board are not recognized. Partitions are fine.

I select No when asked to configure for an ethernet card. The next
window asks for a hostname. This is not mentioned in the installation
guide at all.
At this point I have tried the following, all with the same results.

1.)     entering a name
        In which case things proceed as if they where normal

2.)     selecting cancel, which dumps me into a menu from which I have

        selected both of:
        a.)     skip and continue, or
        b.)     remove (disable) network, (I'm not sure of the exact wording)
                -- tells me that the network has been disabled.

all proceeds well from this point until ...

 I reboot and get a login prompt.

What, pray tell am I to do at this point? I've tried using 0
(superuser - root) and entering my root pasword. Aswell as any number
of other combinations.

Any comment would be most appreciated.



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I have recently setup my PC to run Solaris x86 2.4 as a standalone networked
box - which it is most of the time (i.e. when I am at work).  I also want to
be able to use the machine as a standalone non-networked box as well (i.e.
when I am at home or out in the field).

Is there an easy way to configure the system such that none of the network
stuff is invoked when it is being used off the network.  I would hope that you
could set this up as a boot option (maybe the spare init 4 state??).

Please excuse my ignorance if this is a simple problem to fix or if this
ground has already been covered, but this is my first time as a unix system
administrator (this is probably pritty obvious).  Any help or pointers are
much appreciated.



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